Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sept. 12, 2010

100% garifuna

today we went to the garifuna festival in punta gorda
what a wonderful day
they usually have it on april 12 to commemorate their
anniversary in coming to roatan 
but they had it now and what a turn out they had.
it was so great!

usually they hold it under a small bandstand
that is packed with food vendors, dancers and drummers
but today they went on the beach opposite the church
and they had many tents set up with food to be tasted:
machuca, bbq pork, fresh whole fish, rice and beans,
refried beans and delicious cakes and cookies!
so delicious!

there also were alot of people selling things
i was happy to see that pedro's wife was there selling jewelry
i was happy to meet more of her children.
i bought a pair of earrings...of course!

and the dancing!!!
oh my goodness!
the garifuna know how to dance!
it thrills my soul to watch them in their colorful costumes
dancing to the earthy beat of the drum.
i have many photos which i am uploading to my other blog
i will link to that once i am finished there.

the girl in the previous photo is the little one in the purple dress

what a  way to spend an sunday afternoon
by the sea
with people who own the sand, the sea and the sky 
and dance like no one is watching!

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