Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sept. 14, 2010


tomorrow is independence day in honduras
and the schools have been practicing marching, and drumming
for weeks and weeks.

i blogged about it earlier
and i am happy to say that the 'guys' did great!

they have had parades for the past couple of days
so that each school can march
i was so excited to see the sandy bay school march!
but just as the parade was about to start there was a torrential downpour!!
how it rained!!
they waited for the worst of it to pass and then headed out
i love that about the people here!
don't let a little rain stop you
so they marched
in the rain

proud and wet!
at one point as i photographing a group of girls
who were in gorgeous dresses
i got sooo choked up
i just thought
i love the spirit of this place!!
most of those families are sooo poor and yet
they paid over 35 dollars to get a dress made
they sacrificed for their kids,
for their country
i was touched by that

don't ever think for a second that the poor are
marked with apathy
they aren't
they still live
they still have hope
they still march in the rain
they still bang their drums.
moms with small children
sheltered under umbrellas
come out to support
and celebrate
this little country called honduras
vive honduras!!

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