Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sept. 15, 2010

c is for cool

today there was a BIG parade in coxen hole
celebrating independence day for honduras.

it was one of the best parades ever
i took sooo many photos
alot of the kids marching, drumming, girls in fancy dresses
but the ones i enjoyed the most were of the people in the crowd

this guy caught my eye because well..
i am a sucker for a cool person
call it a weakness
but even as a teenager i could be swayed by someone
in shades and who  exuded confidence

it took me a few shots to get the photo i wanted of this guy
but finally i got it
i love the expression on his face and the reflection in his glasses

you lookin' at me??
i am

here are a few more photos 
i took over 100 so i thought i would share some with you

the people are so poor and yet they reach down deep to make it a wonderful day
okay these were my favorite little drummers!!!  talk about attitude!
the masses!!

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