Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sept. 16, 2010

still life

we are so blessed to have a butterfly gardens here
it is just up the road.. maybe a 7 min. drive

i love going there!
i have gone so many times over the past two years
that the owner won't let me pay
she says she can't take money from me
because i am like family

can you believe that?
life is like that on roatan
once people make a connection that is deep and true
they have a hard time taking money from you

it's wonderful
so what i do is take lots of people to the gardens
at least that way some money is coming their way

if you are planning a trip to roatan 
i recommend the roatan butterfly gardens 
they have butterflies, of course
and also they have
about 8 different types of tropical birds
it is a wonderful little bit of paradise in there

the foliage, the flowers,
the birds, the butterflies
it's all so beautiful!

the last time i was there one of the guys asked
about my budgie
so today i brought him with me

look at how small buddy is compared to the amazon parrots!
his wings are clipped and although he can fly a little bit
he can't go far
so i didn't mind having him out of his cage

i knew there wouldn't be any dogs in there 
plus he loves other birds so he had a great time!

i took melissa and the boys
see how brave she is to hold the macaw!
i didn't hold it because i thought what if he 
bites buddy.. it would be a little snack for him
and um.. that would be so tragic!!

these two are mates
how sweet is that?
even though they are diffent types of parrots
so in love!

3 cheers to the roatan butterfly gardens!
one of my favorite places to visit!

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  1. You photograph of the butterfly is outstanding, well done.