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Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010


i love flowers!
we are renting a large property here and when we arrived
there were lots of trees, palms, avocados (yum)
banana, coconut, and hibiscus
but not alot of flowers.
that has changed.
the garden now is a now a myriad of color

the happy news is this:
the little boy next door is a master at growing seeds
how can a 10 year old have such a knack for that kind of thing??

i don't know but i am grateful.
this plant was started from seed
thanks ricardo!

i am also thankful that the people we are renting 
from put in a well last year
we had problems with little or no water
but now we have lots
which means
i am able to water my garden
which mean
i have lots of flowers.

small joys
like consists of 

like seeds growing....

also just got back from an art show 
where i had my photo cards and photo mattes
for sale
it was a success
i was able to pay off a third of the new camera i got


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