Friday, May 21, 2010

May 20, 2010

up and at 'em

sorry i wasn't able to blog yesterday but
we ran out of tigo internet minutes and didn't 
get any til today
but i took this photo on the right day, of course.

i took this early early early
at mahogany bay.
we had some friends arrive on the cruise ship 
at 5:00 am (yawn)
and we managed to get to the ship by 6:00 am
one good thing about being out at that hour is the 
light is wonderful for photos!!

we went to the view, turquoise bay, oakridge, 
on a tour of the mangroves, coxen hole, 
and then snorkeling at west bay.
unfortunately it was really murky and visibility was
bad and we hardly saw any fish at all.
we had a big storm the night before and all
the waves had stirred up the sea bottom.
not sure where all the fish went though???

twas a lovely day all in all.

we ate lots, laughed lots,
talked lots,
explored wholeheartedly.

i hope paul and katherine come back someday.
such wonderful canadian folks!!

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