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Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16, 2010


i bought this shell off a lady 
at Yuba,
the cultural centre for the Garinfuna
near Punta Gorda
they do their dances, show us how 
they make casava bread
and sell a few of their 'wares'

a lady sat behind the table 
looking so hopeful that i would  buy some of her jewelry
i don't need any more jewelry
heck, i don't need this shell.
but truly it is the best speciman that i have ever seen
and some of you know that I am a serious shell lover.
the detail along the edge is flawless
i think probably some fisherman found it..
it has that fresh from the sea look to it!

she wanted 40L for the shell 
which is about 2.00
I gave her 100 L
"keep the change.. for you.. my dear."
she reached up, embraced me fully and kissed my cheek.

it is one of the many things i love about the people here
they know how to express gratitude.

i just smiled and said, you deserve it and more.

then she smiled and said.  
God bless you.

I said He does .. and you too hon.

by the way,
i shot this without my flash and used
the tripod that Bob's Mom got me for Christmas last year
i need to get in the habit of using it more.
especially in low light situations...
it works so well.

1 comment:

  1. Beautitul the way the light is shimmering on it. Black and white was a great idea Debi.

    xx Bonnie xx