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Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010


i wonder where the expression 'pinhead' originated from?
i am not sure 
but i do know that it is fitting for buddy!
he is getting new pin feathers in.

they come in at around 1 year old so i guess
they are his new feathers!
i guess that explains why there are so many feathers
fluttering around the livingroom these days!!

i must say he is growing up nicely 
is getting tamer as each day passes.

it's wonderful.
he will now willingly come on my hand
(even without the lure of millet)
and just yesterday I took him out of his cage
and he didn't freak out and fly around like a 
scared maniac bird 
(which he did about 3 weeks ago)

he is settling in nicely.
i like him.
he is good company 
and so comical to watch as he 
plays with all his toys, and chatters to his
'other friend buddy' 
in the mirror.

buddy, my little pinhead!!
sorry i know i shouldn't call you names.


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