Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010

take it easy, will ya??

today has been a busy day.
had bible study in the morning
lunch at a friend's 
a snorkel west bay
visited with a bunch of north americans on the beach
ended up saying yes to taking 2 women out on a tour tomorrow.
heck, i love that!
on the way home i saw my friend standing on the side of the road
waving frantically
it turned out that her tire fell off her car!!
yes you read right!!
i guess the bolts either gave way or someone stole them
either way we are grateful that the vehicle didn't flip
the roads in roatan are hilly and curvy.
she managed to get it safely to the side of the road
and 3 generous men went deep into the jungle to retrieve
the tire.
so we drove her home.

i haven't been home since 10:00 and it is now 5:00
the hammock was calling my name
saying 'take it easy, will ya?'
but not for long since a bunch of us girls are having dinner
together and then an evening of rummikub
oh man, i have to make a salad.
so i better get going!

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  1. Very nice shot - great dof and effective in b&w.