Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010

not a cloud

what a wonderful day we had today.
it started out rather disappointing since the cruise ship
wasn't able to dock at mahogney bay due to high winds.
it was a shame since my previous bosses kids were on that ship
and we had planned on touring the island and handing out shoes 
and school supplies to the kids here.


i have mixed feelings about that new dock. 
they spent gazillions of dollars to build it
knowing that on the south side the waves are often higher 
but still they went ahead.
many people's livliehoods depend on the cruise ships coming in.
it's sad.
it wasn't a money issue for us.
we weren't charging for the tour.. just disappointed that the kids who
were expecting shoes weren't able to get any today.

it was a glorious day.
truly beautiful
we went to the shop today and a couple was interested in going on a tour
i tried to find a local person to take them out without avail
so i did it.
we had a wonderful time together.

i love showing off the island.
if you or any friends are coming to roatan please let me know
we will set up a tour or take you ourselves.

it is just too beautiful to not see

tabyana beach, west bay
bill and noreen
enjoying the  beach

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  1. Lovely photos all. The top photo reminded me of Calgary when we lived there - no, not the water, but the sky. Calgary has the 2nd highest amount of sunshine in Canada (I think only southern Alberta gets more) so whenever the sky was THAT blue, we would call it an 'Alberta day'. We still use that term today even though we now live in Ontario and we see far fewer. Thanks for the reminder. Roatan looks like a wonderful place.