Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010

backlit and bokehfied

ever get stuck in a rut?
i sure was when it came to photography for awhile there.
i was stuck in macro land.
more bokeh
oh my
let's go a little closer
i lived for hbw.
how crazy is that?!

then, one day, one blessed day. our son david had a little 'intervention'
for me
we went for a walk and he said
'no zoom, no macro'
with at least 3 objects.
i almost died.
it hurt
i instinctly went in close and he kept stopping me

now i am taking more of a variety of photos:
landscapes, color combinations, groupings, portraits
BUT today I saw all that lovely green and thought

here is the full meal deal for those of you who wonder
what  is beyond all that green bokeh....

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  1. Ha ha - great story. I like both photos & I know what you mean re: macro & bokeh. It's good to have someone pull us out of a rut once in a while.