Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15, 2010

liquid red

it's official:
the rains have begun!
i love it!

today we had to take cover by the bank 
while torrents of rain fell from the sky
many people were huddled under the overhang at the bank
trapped, so to speak
at one point i thought we would get flooded out as the water
level rose to the place where we were standing

one lady who has lived on the island all her life
said that this rainy season is like the old days
it used to be that all of october would be steady rain
day after day after day

i was grateful that ida, our friend,
chose today to set up her BBQ and sell
chicken, pork, beef, potato salad, refried beans, and tortillas
it was a good place to hang out, while trapped,
and have a good lunch.
unfortunately a thoughtless guy in a truck
drove by full speed and drenched us all.
crazy guy!

the rain was coming down so hard that these people were all standing by the door sweeping the water away so it wouldn't come into the clinic!

once we got home i was grateful to have a hot shower
and warm tea
i often think about the people who don't have electricity or running water
how do they warm up?
or stay dry?

just another thing to be thankful for....

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