Friday, October 15, 2010

October 14, 2010

sweet rain

our rainy season has officially begun.
it is wonderful!
after months and months of  high temperatures and high humidity
we welcome the 
sweet rain...

the wonderful thing about the rainy season in roatan
is that it isn't like a typical winter in canada
where once it snow it stays cold for 5 months

we get rain
but not every day
and it doesn't last every day either
sometimes it will only rain in the night
and the days will be sunny and cool
with the most amazing breezes coming off the sea

i love the rainy season here!
i wait for it!!

it is a time for long walks,
a time for doing indoor jobs like cleaning ,
for baking 
yesterday i made peanut butter cookies 
(from homemade peanut butter)
and 2 pumpkin pies.


and the gardening in the rainy season
is a wonder to behold!
seriously, everything grows so fast!
it is remarkable.
i have been transplanting from cuttings and they
are getting buds and even flowers within a week.
i love it!
yesterday bob and i went to island shipping to pick up 
a shipment of food for the needy.

thought you'd like to see how food is transported!

as i was wandering around the property i saw
little plants in black plastic bags along the side of the building
they looked like they had been there for months and months
as most were very unhealthy or lanky looking
so i asked if i could buy some.

it was quite funny because the 'watchie' wasn't able to quote a price for the plants
so i said 50L for two plants and he happily took that
seeing that i had a wonderful opportunity before me
(and they were half dead anyways)
i offered him 20L (about a dollar)
for another one and he agreed happily.
that could mean a couple of baleadas and a drink for him.

we both went away happy
once home
carlos and i wandered throughout the garden,
in the rain,
the sweet rain,
for a good long time
checking our 'babies',
pleased at their growth

yes we stood in the rain for a good long time
enjoying every minute of it

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