Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11, 2010

sunny and cloudy

i love when the sun bursts out
during a dark, grey day

makes everything look so wonderful 
and bright

i thought we'd get a big storm today but no

some of you know my canon rebel broke
while in roatan
i brought it with me to canada to get it fixed
it turned out that the circuit board needed to be replaced
and that meant it would cost me 25.00 less then what 
i originally paid for it.

no thanks

so i went online to find another camera
tell me what is the chances of finding the exact same
older model for the same price 2 years later?
rather slim
since my camera is an older model
that i have gotten quite attached to

i managed to take off a 100.00 from his
and then he threw in the 50 mm for an extra 50.00


love hiding behind that lens

even weeds look better
taken with the rebel


  1. I am happy to hear you got the camera back! Yea! I know how you have missed it!! Yipee!

  2. Isn't it amazing how we bond with our camera's - welcome back old friend.

    xx B xx