Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 12, 2010

itsy bitsy

today we helped emily move to halifax
and on one of my trips lugging things to the car
i noticed this itsy bitsy spider
and put all work efforts on hold

isn't it great how that happens?
i love interruptions... i do.
some people hate them
but being a person who is usually sidetracked on some level
i enjoy the 'change'

oh a spider!

for the record i don't like spiders
but i liked the bokeh in the background
that silly spider just got in the way!
 i am enjoying my "new to me" camera

well i better go
we are heading to the library now
did you know how much i love libraries??
when i was young and traveled the country
hither and yon
i always found the library in any city or town
it was one of the first places i'd go.
they are dry
have napping potential
and of course lots of books and lots of quiet.

i am glad that emily loves to read.
i read to my kids incessantly when they were little
so i love to see them still devouring books

what is the last book you read?

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  1. I cannot call to mind the last book I finished, but right now I am reading "God's Smuggler", by Brother Andrew. It's interesting and inspirational/educational. :)