Friday, August 13, 2010

August 13, 2010

leaving your mark

ever do that?
scratch your name on a park bench
or a tree
or a fire hydrant??

i wonder who colin galloway is??
you can see his name scratched in at the top of the hydrant.
i wonder what he'd think if he knew i was writing
about him
i checked to see if there was a colin galloway living here
there is one in lunenburg.

can you imagine if it was that simple to leave our
mark by just etching our name on some
inanimate object?

but it takes more then that doesn't it?
it takes a kind heart to leave a mark
and loving consistency
and an other focus
and a listening ear
and integrity in all things

it is these things that will remain
faith hope and love
these will remain 
but the greatest of these is love.

when we really consider others
more highly then ourselves there is an 
etching that takes place
deep deep inside
it is invisible to the human eye
but to the divine it is there
etched on the heart of those we love
it says..
love was here.
or debi was here
or   (insert your name)
 was here

love leaves a mark

more love
i need
more love


  1. Beautiful thoughts from someone who is leaving a loving mark on the world. xo