Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 19, 2010

my kind of traffic

today i took a couple of volunteers for a tour
to the east side
my favorite area of the island

this photo was taken 
while in jonesville
jonesville could be called the venice of roatan
since most people live along the shores of the bight
and use boats as the main way of transportation

we had a great tour through the mangroves
explored punta gorda
and gave the girls a chance to swim with  nurse sharks, turtles 
and stingrays
(yes it is safe)

a great day!!!
the plus was that bob decided to come along too
which makes any day better!!
where do you go to get away from all the madness, traffic and noise?
my advise:  Go there!
 then just stand still.  
It is good for the soul

be still and know that He is God

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