Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13, 2010

wha chu lookin' at??

i was walking down the beach this afternoon
and spied this boy playing in the sand
i waited til i was literally walking right over him
to take the photo.
it was a 'walkby' shot.
i am actually surprised by the way it turned out
because i didn't stop,
i didn't look,
i just waited,
and took it.

it is more then i had expected.
the little bit of palm over his face makes it for me
as well, as the infamous glare.

as if to say:
'wha chu lookin' at?

because your skin is as smooth as the sand,
you are lined up perfectly with the edge of the sea,
and you rock in yellow

that's why!

i hope you had a great weekend.
we sure did.

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