Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010

can we play together soon?

i am blessed that this is a common sight for me
but lately,
due to my neck and back being out
i haven't been able to snorkel much.

i miss it dreadfully.
i was supposed to snorkel on tues. went to the made in roatan shop
because due to high winds the ship that was supposed to dock 
at mahogany bay came into coxen hole.
then again today.
apparently there is a big storm in the pacific
so it looks like we will be going to the shop again tomorrow.

it is interesting what being around poverty will do to your soul
i can no longer ignore it and just 'go have fun'
i am compelled to help in any way i can.
today the man in the next shop hadn't sold anything
all day.
no sales means no food.
these people live from day to day literally
i went and hung out in his shop and tried to sell
things but couldn't.
later i saw a van of oriental people go towards him
and i prayed that they would buy.
they did.
then another lady came and bought a painting.

he made $50.00 
instead of nothing
you may think that is nothing
but here it isn't that uncommon for people to work 
for 12.00 - 15.00 a day
so samuel did well.

so do i miss snorkeling?
you bet.
but am i glad that i was able to help and be a blessing?

most definitely. underwater friends...
wait for me
i shall swim soon enough.
wait for me

by the way, 
this is a beautiful wood carving that hangs in our dining room
it belongs to the people whose house we rent from.
isn't it truly a work of art?
hondurans are so talented!

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  1. yikes, i will be praying for your neck and back situation. <3