Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18, 2010


we planted this a couple of months ago and 
it's vine has been growing steadily over that time
tonight we came home after being over at patti's 
and as soon as we walked out of the car
i said,
bob, my moonflower has bloomed!!
the aroma was intoxicatingly strong even from the driveway.

sure enough there were two large showy blooms
in all their glory.
their scent is heady, heavy and almost sickenly sweet.
we have closed all the windows and the front door
and still i feel like i can't breathe.

maybe i am allergic to moonflower.
beautiful but apparently the seeds are extremely toxic
and if the flower is ingested it is also hallucinogenic
apparently it is believed that the flowers were
used for making a love potion.

i believe it.
it is very powerful
in fact i have never smelt anything like it 
i don't know if you know what a stargazer lily smells like
times that by 25 and you have what this flower smells like.

the interesting thing about them is they bloom at dusk,
and are out in all their glory through the night
exuding a powerful scent 
they attract moths which helps with pollination.
once the sun touches them, ever so gently, in the morning
the flowers fade.
so much for sleeping with the window open tonight
hmmm.. why did i listen to what they wrote on the seed package.
it said:  plant by a window so the aroma can be enjoyed.

oh well live and learn.
the next plant i will put closer to the gate!!

i'm so dizzy and it's you girl making it spin!

i took the following photo the next morning
it is still beautiful.
it only lasts one night and then as the morning light
comes it begins to fade and curl up
it is still very pungent though...
i think i will need some more antihistimine
my poor sinuses are aching!


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  1. Hi there - I planted them last year, but they took so long to germinate that I got only vines and no flowers. Probably a good thing because I to had planted them under the bedroom window. Boy oh boy if they smell 25x worse than stargazer lily's I would have been in serious trouble, because even those drive my allergies nuts. I feel for you Debi.

    xx Bonnie xx