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Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010

a puddle of trees

Emily and I decided to take a drive
this afternoon.
she is flying back to canada in a week
so she wanted to go capture some of the everyday
sites that we see on this island

we drove towards west end...
stopping all along the way.
we stopped to get a photo of 
an very cool garbage can and i turned around 
saw this.
it is sooc
straight out of the camera.

it is this kind of beauty that takes
my breath away
a puddle of trees 
in a cool shady spot.
beauty within beauty.
the obvious not so obvious.
a surprise from the Maker

we had such a great time together.
i am going to miss her sooo much.
the sound of laughter rings loud when 
are together.
we laugh about the stupidest things.

like what?
oh heavens, i can't remember.
it is that silly stuff that is only funny at the time
but it is the stuff of life that bonds families together.

i am so glad that we both love photography too.
i love to see how she sees the same world i do.
a puddle of trees,
a sunset in a window,
a crushed can,
a colorful alley.
a man with a dog sitting on his head on a flotation devise
a funny sign:
'filletted gruper',
the afternoon light on a gumbalimba tree.
out for the afternoon
a memory formed 
for times when we are a part.

1 comment:

  1. It's the everyday sites that I enjoy Debi - allows me a little glimpse into your world.

    It's good to collect memories. Emily's time with you seems to have flown by so quickly. She will be missed I'm sure.

    p.s. the pic of the trees reflected into the puddle is so weird ... 3rd dimension, like a hole in ground.

    loves ya
    xx B xx