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Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 30, 2010

bathed in light
i wanna be
bathed in light....

emily and i wanted to go snorkeling 
but bob had the car so we took a taxi
to west end
(1.25 each)
and then we took a water taxi to west bay
(2.50 each)
i love water taxis!
i hadn't taken one before
it is wonderful to be out on the water!!
heading towards the dock at infinity bay

miss nairobi zooming away!

we had a great time snorkeling.
it was super windy and hard going but it was
soooooo clear!!
we saw  a hogfish for the first time!
which was kinda scary
as it has three big spiky fins on top.
the cool part was that when it saw us it
changed color and went white to match the sand.
amazing amazing!!!

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