Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 24, 2010


best friends forever
karen and marsha
i first met these two wonderful woman back in 1995
when we moved to dartmouth to help pastor a church

they are truly my dearest friends

we have weathered many changes and challenges,
walked our dogs (now no longer alive) along
sea swept paths,
made stamped cards together,
had many a meal together,
shared christmas',
and the wonder of His love together, 
worshiped together, 
cried together,
gone on trips together,
shopped together,
watched tv together,
agonized over our kids together,
prayed together,
solved the world's problems together

being with them 
i am a better person
love like gold has been mined in my heart for them
and no matter where i go or live 
they are often in my thoughts and prayers.

precious....friends... forever....


  1. oh shoot, you made me cry...again! You ARE like a sister to me and I love having you close by for a little while again...xo

  2. That is sweet Debi. Those kinds of friends, sisters, are a rare find... I am blessed to have found one dear friend I call 'sister'. Sadly she is away from me too, in Saskatchewan. I pray we will be close again soon! Chrystal Carroll