Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27, 2010

storm overhead

today bob, emily and i took the ferry over to halifax
to have lunch on the waterfront

i love the ferry!
it is a cheap way to get out on the water.

 bob isn't as serious as he looks

today has been fair to partly cloudy.
i am still accustomed to tropical weather
and have been donning shoes, socks, jeans,
tshirt and a fleece

everyone else is wearing shorts or capris with sandals
i guess for them it is hot summer weather.

oh well
i welcome the cooler change

look at those clouds!
we didn't get rained on

 i did
aren't you proud of me??!



  1. Proud...but surprised!! How did you restrain yourself?

  2. willpower made of steel! :-)