Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 4, 2010

on the line

i love hanging out clothes on the line
they come in so fresh and so clean from 
being bleached by the sun

in certain cities it is against the law 
to hang out clothes because it is 
how ridiculous!
i try to imagine them making a law about not hanging out clothes
here in roatan
it would be impossible because most people don't 
have clothes dryers and some don't even 
have electricity.
so i get to enjoy watching them flap in the sea breeze
and use towels that smell like the freshest of air.

these towels look dirty but they aren't
it is because of the evening light and the backlight
that they are full of shadows

i liked the flare in this photo.
that is why i took it.
i belong to a group called 'flare friday'
on flickr
but i haven't been able to upload anything 
due to some stupid problems with our internet
so i couldn't post it yesterday.
oh well.
it is one of the challenges we find in having
a tigo internet stick.

for some reason it just stops working for days on end.
frustrating would be a slight understatement at this point.


yes i am talking to myself....

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  1. i had another photo (in color) that i wanted to upload but my internet connection stops about about a half a minute and so uploading is impossible. i give up trying.