Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30, 2010

small and mighty

i don't know the name of this hummingbird.
if you can identify it that would be great

he showed up today at the feeder.
there were about 4 of them, 
fighting, flying and trying to feed.

so beautiful..
don't you think?

i am thankful that the power is back on
after being out since 5:00
it makes for a long day
it's been so hot and humid.
almost unbearable.

that is why i was out on the deck 
with the hummers!

hope you had a good Sunday.


  1. Beautiful - such unique markings

    xx B xx

  2. His coloring is unique. Does he have a teal green back?? So pretty. It was a hot day for sure. Great picture!

  3. Debi - could it be a Green Breasted Mango

  4. bonnie you are absolutely right!
    a green breasted mango.
    we appropriate a name for down here.

    mangos are in full season right now.
    i have acquired a taste for them... loving them right now!