Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2, 2010


happy bokeh wednesday
i remember a few years ago
i saw someone had commented on a photo and
'nice bokeh'
i had the courage to say...
'um.. what is bokeh??!'

i am glad i asked.
bokeh is best described as 'blur'
but i believe it is most beautiful
when it is 'blurred light'
then the camera shows it as little circles of light

to be honest i see bokeh all the time now
sometimes i go looking for it
because i believe it makes the world a more beautiful place
who knew light diffused could look so wonderful?
well He knew.

we are slow to catch on...

if you want more bokeh you can 
go to my bokeh set on flickr and
click the slideshow


i should mention that i rooted and planted
this hibiscus a few months ago
and have been waiting for it
to bloom
today is the day.
isn't it beautiful!!
i have it in a pot with a small palm, a bird of paradise,
and some smaller plants too.

love it!


  1. Beautiful! And that was very interesting about bokeh!!! I love photography also....when you spoke about taking a photo 365 for 1 year I decided to do that this year. So, I'm starting on my birthday next month! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. What a beautiful hibiscus! Great bokeh.

  3. A pink hibiscus - great soft colour and unusual petal formation.
    p.s. - I love the 'blur'

    xx B xx