Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010

mangos anyone?

this is edwardo
our little neighbor.
i told him that i wanted to take a photo 
of a mango for my 365 shot and
he tagged along.

he picked up these two nice ripe ones 
and said,
'hey deb, you could take one of me holding them"

isn't he adorable?!
an interesting thing about edwardo is that  his mom is honduran
and his dad is dutch.
he speaks english, spanish and dutch fluently.

today i said to him.
'who do you think you get your cuteness from?
your mom or your dad?'

he broke out laughing and said,
deb, i get my cuteness from school!

see.. cute kid!!!  :-)

today i learned a new way to eat mangos.
okay, normally i don't like them because they can
be stringy (not all of them, but we have 5 trees on the property
and 3 of them are stringy.)
believe me, 
we have ALOT of mangos right now!

these need to ripen up, of course but we have so many!
alot of the spanish come and 'help themselves'
because there is no way we can eat them all

anyways, here is the trick:
get a ripe ripe mango
squeeze the living daylights out of it,
roll it on a table,
just make it JUICY!!
then bite the top part of the skin off
and suck the juice out.
it is a honduran 'juice box'!!

works great,
so fresh 
 so juicy
and no strings attached!!

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  1. I think he has his cuteness from the Dutch site....all Dutch are cute.... ;)