Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23, 2010

blessed shade

it's been crazy hot here the past few days.
no breeze
stifling hot

jeanette and i walked toward's anthony's key this morning 
and by 8:00 am i was sweating, 
(can't speak for jeanette)
yes it's true... sweating!!!
we went that way
because there is shade
blessed shade
blessed shade
blessed shade

simple joys
like shade

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  1. Heat - I'm trying to recall from days gone by, the sensation of hot lazy days, I'd even settle for 'warm' ... but I'm failing miserably. Sitting here with my fleecy sweater, sweat pants and slippers on, rubbing my fingers to get the circulation going. The furnace even kicked in this morning and it's nearly the end of April ... sheesh.

    I'll send ya some cool if you send me some hot, okay!
    xxx B xxx