Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 24, 2010

got miracle gro???

i shot this from the ground to show perspective
but still you can't get the sense of how
the plants, vines, trees, and shrubs are
at the 
Carambola Gardens!

i love to go there.
it is my happy place
so much green
and glorious tropical flowers!
alot of the leaves on the plants
are longer then i am!
how mind blowing is that?!?

we went late in the afternoon because it was
soooo hot here.
i thought:  shade and possible breeze.
it was still hot
but emily and i got lots of photos.
i took a photo of a spider web that
was so cool
but blurry.

oh well
as emily said,
it would have been perfect if it wasn't blurry!!
i love her attitude.

but it's really cool
never saw a circle web before!!

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