Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 20,2010

day of recovery

i have had some severe elbow and back pain lately
probably from sitting at the computer inproperly.
either way,
i finally went to see a chiropracter today.

wish i could say i feel alot better
i don't.
so i laid in my bed with an icepack,
a good book
and this lovely view from our bedroom window.

i heard that there is a oesteopath here on the island
from the states so tomorrow i am going to go 
see her.
hopefully she can help loosen those muscles in my neck and
back that feel like plywood at this point.


  1. hope you get some relief soon, Debi. Glad you are taking it easy. xoxo, Laura

  2. oops found out the oesteopath was a 'he'. not a she!! he really did help me alot! i am moving better in general.. still a little tight but nothing like before.

    i have a high pain tolerance. i do. so i told him that. so i said to him: if you are going to seriously 'hurt' me then don't tell me because i will brace myself! but the other thing is thing: if i happen to punch you because you hurt me without telling me then i can't be held responsible. can't say i didn't warn you.

    he laughed.
    did it hurt?
    oh yeah! he worked my pecs like no one ever has but it's okay because tight pecs means tight neck and shoulder.

    i have also stopped 'computering' on the couch on with my laptop on my lap. i know sit at a desk. it seems to be helping.
    i am grateful.