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Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6, 2010

coming rain

the weather is changing all around the world
it is.
severe weather
earthquakes are becoming common
if that is possible.
we lived through an earthquake here in roatan 
believe me ~ there isn't any common about it.

the media is a wonderful thing but the problem with it
is that i think we can become desensitized to the reality
of what is really happening.
'oh my another earthquake in chile'
without realizing the magnitude of the devastation.
i often cry watching the news these days.
i am grateful that when we had our earthquake 
a 7.1 that not one person died.
one person was injured.
one home was damaged.
that's it.

i almost fell on my knees in utter gratitude after it happened.
it could have been so much worse.

even our weather now is kinda crazy.
look at that morning sky!!
yes those clouds have rain in them.
we are having more storms and nor'easters then we usually do
normally our rainy season would end mid february

not that i really mind to be honest.
i enjoy the cooler weather because it does get awfully hot and humid here

look at all those snow storms too!
more snow and ice then usual.
it's changing.

i think it is more then just weather.
i think He is on the move again.

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  1. I think you're right about Him. Lovely colours in the sky and the ocean.