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Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 3, 2010

catching some zzz's

i have often wondered why dogs sleep so much
during the day here.  
it is common to see them sleeping right in the middle of the sidewalk
or under chairs
or by the door
or under a tree.
once a saw a dog asleep on a large wooden table.

catching some zzz's.

having lived on this island for a year now i think i understand why.
the dogs here are noctural.
they are up all night.
bark bark barking at everything that moves.
many people have dogs to guard their places and so they are doing the 
'night shift'

you get used to hearing dogs bark at night.
they bark all the time.
at first it used to freak me out and i'd think
'oh oh, is there someone on the property trying to break in?!'
but now i know that often they are just barking for the sake of it.
one time our friend told me that she heard the dog barking like crazy
she looked out her window to see him standing there just barking at the window 
and when he saw her in the window he really went to town.

so yeah they need to catch some zzzz's during the day.

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