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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

january 2, 2010

can you imagine getting your car washed, inside and out, for only 5 dollars.
well that is the deal at the sandy bay car wash.
gotta love it.
  our friends are arriving back on the island today after being gone for 6 months so i brought their car here to get washed. 
the other day while driving it there was a crazy lizard sitting the steering wheel. 
i tried to catch it but couldn't!
  since then there has been a very strong smell in the vehicle.
so  i told the guys and they found it: dead and stinky.
   such is life in the tropics.

i took this picture because it is typical of island life:
wooden house, shuttered windows with no screens,
unpaved roads (the main road is paved!),
and a mother and child sitting happily on the back step hoping for a breeze.

life is pretty simple here.
i like that.

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