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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

january 5, 2010

today this beautiful couple came into the Made in Roatan shop.
they were on a cruise ship... on their honeymoon!
we visited for quite some time together. 
they were very interested in our life here
we were able to share how we long to help the islanders 
and how this shop employs over
8 different families.
cali bought the necklace she is wearing and
josiah bought a book of home remedies that we had published by our island friend.

as they were leaving i said, so are you going to go on a tour of the island?
they were honest and said, that they couldn't afford it.
just then Marco, our friend walked in and I knew what i needed to do.

i said,
So would you like to see the island?
i will take you around the island for free.
My wedding gift to you.

we had a blast!
we visited an island lady who is over 72 years old and grows the most
amazing tropical flowers.
josiah is interested in tropicals plants so she gave him some seeds to take back
she also gave me a TON of seeds and a bag of WARM cookies for us to enjoy

i took them to west bay where they swam amongst the fish.
and enjoyed a nice walk on the beach
cali is a photographer too so we took alot of pictures!
they came back to the house and met bob.

it was wonderful to meet them

it is more blessed to give then to receive.

I know:  I am totally blessed right now!! 


  1. You're so nice. I'd like to hear about your Made in Roatan shop.

  2. Awww we made the blog :) you blessed our socks off debi! roatan was definitly a highlight to our honeymoon :)