Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9, 2010

 i need you

as soon as i took this photo i started to sing that old song 
"i need you"
i think the sweet little grouping of flowers made me think of it.

I need you
Like the flower needs the rain
You know, I need you
Guess I'll start it all again
You know, I need you
Like the winter needs the spring
You know I need you
I need you 

it's true
we need each other don't we?
i have been feeling rather 'drained' lately
we have been 'putting out' alot lately
giving to the needs of the locals,
trying to get tourists to buy local art,
taking gringos on tours of the island.
running hither and yon
on empty for the most part.

i need help
i do 
but i need more then that

i need Him.

yes we have talked about that.
glad He forgives me for sometimes trying to do it alone.


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  1. Well, if you believed in a power that didn't forgive, you probably wouldn't be doing what you're doing. Keep at it. They appreciate it.