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Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

tigo smile? NOT!

our internet is with tigo. 
for the past 4 days we have had problems connecting to the internet
for longer then a minute at a time,
then it take 2-3 times to try to connect.
for another minute.

so when i saw this sign today i thought i wish
i could photoshop that smile into a big FROWN
but i didn't take the time to do it

no one knows what the problem is
or when it will be resolved.
i am at my friend jeanette's house now to upload
since uploading is impossible
so thankful for that!!!!

well i guess if that is my biggest problem
i am doing okay.

just feel out of touch since the computer is the main
way of staying in touch.

some people have called the mainland to complain about the internet
i would never waste my time doing that because
things happen at their own pace in honduras and 
there is really no point in calling.

it is a lesson in patience.
how am i doing?
well.. i have my moments....

so since i am not on the computer i have been out running
errands with bob.
today he had to pick up some wood at the shipping company.
i took this photo of a shipment of food and veggies at 10:00 am
and we came back at 1:00 and it was still out in the blazing hot
sun ...
no wonder things can be a little 'wilty' in the stores!!

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