Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 8, 2010

stuck on green

i love parakeets. they can be such wonderful companions and funny little critters.   it takes time to establish trust but once that happens they are enjoyable and lovable pets!

buddy has a love for millet which worked in my favour because he would do anything to have some.  that is what i used to hand train him.  yes i bribed him into loving me!!   now he comes on my hand willingly, gives me little kisses and chatters happily on my finger.

i clipped his wings about a month and a half ago in order to make the training go smoothly.   but just recently i have noticed that his flight feathers have grown back because he has taken to flying. the only problem is that he hasn't learned the skill of 'landing'. so it is really BAD flying!!  it can be dangerous for them as they fly into windows and mirrors and can get hurt.  plus it has been so hot here so even just a small flight will set him to panting heavily 
due to the exertion and the heat.

so you can imagine my relief when he flew and landed on the screen.  i couldn't believe how beautiful he looked with all the early morning green light behind him.   i told him to 'stay' 
(and of course he obeyed me!) 
 i was so glad to be able to get this photo.

on another practical note:
guess what?!
it looks like our internet is now working.
i was able to upload this so that is a good sign
and really good news!!!

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