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Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25, 2010

dawg dayz

that's bob's foot
don't you love his tan??
it is from his dawg shoes.
he has dawg dots!!

either way, a super cool tan alright...
love the little dots on his foot!!

this was taken after a snorkel at seadancer
i couldn't resist taking it with all that bokeh
in the background
and the sea water still resting on his legs.

we are enjoying our friends and taking it easy 
this week, 
showing them around, 
and enjoying the sea and the sunshine.

it is rare to get a photo of bob 
'laying in the sun'
because he seldom does.
he got this dawg dot tan from  just being 
out and about...
but yesterday after his snorkel he decided to 
lay in the sun and dry off.

i hope the Son shines in your heart today. 

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