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Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010

creative coverage

today i drove maria and her newborn 
home from the hospital
 and took her back to the colonia.
that is a poor spanish community just up the road from where
we live.

as i was driving home i saw this boy walking 
 happily down the road.
i burst out laughing to see him
so delightfully parading along with a box on his head
how is that for creative coverage?  

he was pleased to let me take his picture.
the funniest part about it was about 10 minutes later
i saw him walking along the beach..
box still on his head.

oh to be like a child again!
no i am not donning a box, 
fear not,
but that reckless abandon that doesn't care
what the world thinks about us.

how refreshing is that?
hope you had a wonderful sunday.

here is a little slice of my afternoon.

west bay beach
usually it is very calm 
but we have a nor'easter coming in
so the waves were great.
so much for snorkeling though.
had a great time 
lounging, walking the beach and taking
a load of photos.
some one pass the aloe vera please!!

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