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Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 20, 2010

i think i can!

one of my favorite spots to go each morning is out 
on the deck.
i have my coffee and read my bible and enjoy
many visitors:
hummingbirds chirp and visit the feeder,
doves coo,
turkey vultures soar high over head looking for food
friggits grace the sky,
and the blue head lizard visits the hummingbird feeder
for his morning taste of sweetness!

i happened to catch him just as he was climbing over 
one of the seashells on the ledge of the deck.

this photo speaks to me of determination.
not giving up
having no obstacle stop me.
persistence is a strength of character that few
maintain but it is worth developing.

whatever you are facing...
don't give up.
i think i can,

he had quite the little journey to the feeder
but yes he made it!!

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