Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18, 2010

rent a tux?

it looks like a black tie event 
a place that sells tuxedos?

it is our r.e.c.o building
roatan electric company
not sure why the black tie is over the door
must be someone's idea of a decoration i guess

but believe me there isn't anything fancy
about going in there
well i take that back
the prices are fancy!!

electricity on the island is super expensive.
it was one of the most surprising things about living here i'd say

they just got new generators and we are grateful for that
because now we have very few power outages.
we used to get 2 - 3 a week.
i remember last year the power being out for 3 days!
that was terrible.
now they are usually out for just a few hours 

it looks like a tuxedo doesn't it?
but no one here wears a tux!
just can't afford it with those crazy electricity bills!! 


  1. Who would have thought that electricity would be so expensive - it's such a necessity, so I guess they can charge what they want.

    I wonder what that black ties means. Just this morning I saw one over the door of a little shop - I automatically thought that maybe someone had died, because they definately don't wear tuxedo's here either.

    loves ya
    xx B xx

  2. Debi, I have been told that the black tie over a doorway is a sign of mourning here in Roatan. Someone may have recently died that worked in the building. Let me know if you find out if this is true!