Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14, 2010

at rest

i am not sure what type of hummingbird this is
does anyone know.
it is exceptionally large with a
curved beak 
totally green with a blue chest and the tail feathers
underneath are a rust red.
i thought at first this one was roosting on a nest
but once i zoomed in i saw it was just sitting 
on a branch.
(he was about 25 ft away)
i would love to have a nesting hummer near by.

for those who have been following our time in roatan
i think mr. fluffybutt showed up today.
he is small, sold green and very friendly.
one came and sat on the branch and i called out 
hey mr. fluffybutt is that you?
and he flew directly to my face 
and then flew away.

emily was out there at the time 
and she laughed and laughed
saying 'do you think it is your bird?'
i said i do.

then emily said
mom are you going to cry?
i did.
tears of joy.
i hope he comes back
because he was so friendly.


  1. Nice shot of an unusual-looking hummer. He's tropical so I don't expect him around here - no idea what he/she might be.

  2. Oh Debi - isn't wonderful the little things that bring a tear to your eye - love it