Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6, 2010

firework flower

i love flowers
i have never seen anything like this one though
the neighbourhood boys, 
edwardo and ricardo
saw this flower high up on a tree on the east side of the island
they were with their dad at a kiln 

the only way they could get it was to 
climb up a mountain of sawdust 
(to quote ricardo)
that was as high as the tree
and finally they were able to get a flower for me

they just kept thinking:
'oh debi would love this!'

they are right!
i wish i knew what it is called
i also hope that they grow up to be men
who will go to great lengths to get beautiful things
for the one they love.

oh by the way,
the fragrance is intoxicating!
i have it sitting on the dining room table and
with the sea breeze the smell is deliciously sweet
and wonderful.



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  2. beautiful picture...
    blessings, ms Judi

  3. Such an exotic looking flower - it doesn't even look real. How have you got it standing up so straight (on a frog)

  4. no bonnie, that is a vase that Karen bought me. I love it because it is made of pottery and the artist put 3 little 'stands' on the bottom of the vase to put some flowers in. Isn't that the neatest thing?!!