Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3, 2010

flying home

sounds funny.. almost surreal to call this home
but it is!
i am so grateful for the chance to live on such a beautiful island!

this area is called west bay.
if you look at the top shore you will see a large resort.
it's called infinity bay.
that is where we go snorkeling.
it's cool because you can see the path we take out to the reef and 
then to the deep blue sea.
imagine fish of multiple colors swimming by
coral swaying softly to the sea tide
sea turtles nippling on coral
and a peace that is remarkable!

it's wonderful  'under the sea!'

today when we landed
i was so overjoyed to be back that i almost applauded!
i should have.
i was clapping in my head!! 


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