Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26, 2010


i love fruit!
i have a fruit tip.
or should i say a tip about fruit.

if you buy a watermelon
take it home and cut it up
right away.
put it in a container.
same goes with pineapple or melon.

cut it up.
i find that i need to cut it right away
other wise I tend to forget about it and
it goes bad on me.

but once it's cut
we are good to go.
it gets eaten.

i am not sure how or why but I am the
official fruit cutter.
if I don't cut the fruit then no one will.

kinda sad but true.
but honestly.
i love cutting up fruit.
i love dicing and slicing anything really!

i have worked in food services and restaurants
and i actually enjoy prep.

good thing that i do because otherwise we'd depend
on canned fruit.  oh yuk!

my favorites?
strawberries, then peaches, then pineapple, melon, bananas

my least favorite?
pears, apples and sadly, mangos.

ya what a shame because we have 4 mango trees in the yard
and I am not too fond of them.

I am hoping in time that I will develop a taste for them.

we eat fruit everyday.
did you know we have apple bananas in roatan?
yes we do.
i will take a photo of them someday when there is a nice big ripe bunch.

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  1. Mangoes are my favorite fruit by far! Can I come and pick some off your trees? :o)