Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

mid month

not bad for half way through november
twas a glorious day!
i even had to put the fan on for awhile!!

today kendy came over and made some christmas ornaments
that i am going to sell for her in the made in roatan shop

it's exciting
it is good opportunity for her to make some extra money
and she is such a lovely girl
and a hard worker

she kept looking at me for approval saying
es bueno miss debi?
(is good miss debi?)
and finally i told her in spanish
that creativity comes from God and she should
just let 'it flow'
so she did.
we had a great morning together!

i decorated some roatan shells that i had found on the beach
yahooo... a little gold glitter goes a long way!   :-)

see our creative mess!!!  
here is one of the christmas photo frames that kendy made
i thought it would be great for tourists to put on the tree
with one of their favorite roatan photos in it!

oh oh i just realized i forgot to get her to 
write 'roatan 2010' in the bottom right corner.
she can do it tomorrow when she brings carlos' breakfast in the  morning

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