Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16, 2010

scorpion scare!!!

i have heard we have scorpions on the island
but i haven't ever seen one
i know people who consistently look under their pillow 
for a scorpion before they go to sleep at night
what do you do before you go to sleep?
bet you don't check for scorpions!!
well neither have i, but after today i just might...

carlos was cleaning out around the bottom of a traveller's palm
and found this
he called me because he knows i like to take photos
i started to hobble over and i saw him carrying it on a leaf!
can you imagine??!!
i hollered (like a mom)
"carlos put that down!!!"
he looked at me and kept walking and then put it down in front of me
i backed up...
quite a bit actually
(no i didn't run.. can't do this with this tendon but i was running inside!)

so thankful this camera has a zoom lens
so wishing carlos wouldn't have brought this over
he told me there are lots of 
babies over there!
i am thinking... scorpion insecticide perhaps??!

i posted this photo on my sister's facebook wall
because today is her birthday and since it is 
november i thought she should have a photo of a real scorpion.
i know, i know.. nice sister!!!


other then having a scorpion sighting?
met up with some fellow canadians off the cruise ship
who after taking a tour of the east side came over to the house
they were intrigued with apple bananas, hummingbirds that are almost tame,
buddy who is, as you know, not a typical budgie
then we went to the 'cannibel cafe' in west end
and then back to the 'made in roatan' shop for shopping fun!

 will you look at that??!  this mama hummingbird made a nest at the end of christmas lights at the cannibel cafe.  ( i almost made this my 365 because it is so pretty.. but hey, how many times do you get a scorpion photo?? um... never.. again.. i hope)


kevin, garreth, timothy, pamela, madelaine, and george!
what a joy to meet you!


  1. Oh man, I'd be setting traps everywhere.
    Is there even a trap? Spray? LOL!
    okay, I don't know what I'd do, but I'd for sure check my pillows and bed :)
    The hummingbird is gorgeous - I wonder how she did that or why she chose that spot?

  2. Hi there - thanks for the scorpian picture. I'v never been comfortable with the astrological association of scorpian - but apparently the sting of a scorpian is similar to the verbal sting of a Scorpio ... not that I would know about such things!! ha ha

    Had a great birthday.

    love ya
    xxx Bonnie xxx

  3. oh yeah.. i didn't sleep too well last night.. thinking about scorpions. first thing: deal with the other scorpions!!

    bonnie, i know it isn't the most pretty birthday photo.. but what are the chances of me ever seeing another scorpion?? hopefully NEVER!!!!!!!

  4. the hummingbird? they often build nests on the end of ropes, or in this case a string of christmas lights. i am definitely going back to that restaurant to get photos of the babies when they are born. only eggs in there at the moment!
    (yes, we looked!)