Friday, November 12, 2010

November 12, 2010

touchy subject

the wheel is better with buddy!
i have been a wheel of fortune watcher for years
i used to watch it with my mom.
the girl on tv didn't get the final puzzle and i was
literally yelling
that is why buddy is looking at me so 
quizzically... yes birds can get that expression!

my heel has been hurting again 
i think i have overdone it abit
so i was a good girl today
bob went to the shop 
and a doctor came in and told
bob that an achilles tendon can take up to 
6 months to heal!!


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  1. i had quite the scare this morning. i got up, made my coffee, as usual, went to say hi to buddy and he wasn't in his cage!! i had accidently left it open last night. i looked and looked everywhere for him, calling his name to no avail. after about 30 min. i was in tears and sure he had died of fright somewhere. it was awful!! i thought my heart would fall deep into my chest and i cried out... Oh Lord where is he?? (i wanted to find him.. dead or alive) and it came to me mind 'in the spare room'. i had already looked in there but went in again and found him behind the door, crouching, frightened, but alive!!! poor little thing! what a fright for him. i think he must have spent most of the night there because there was quite a pile of poop when i picked him up.