Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11, 2010


today is 5 years ago since my Mom passed away
i find it interesting because rather unconsciously i have been
thinking of her so much lately
i made cookies that she used to make,
i made her lemon cake with pudding
i found myself looking at old photos and sighing

you'd think after 5 years it would be easier
but i still miss her
i remember the day of her funeral one of her friends
embraced me and said
'i see your mom in you,
you have her heart'

truly it was the sweetest thing anyone ever said to me
as i watched the hearst drive away with the remains of my Mom inside
i remember thinking
'mom i will try to carry on without you, living as you lived'

today it is pouring with rain
a hard steady rain that drums on our little wooden house
it is fitting
there is a melocholy feel in the air for me today
missing her
hence the photo:
a droopy flower
but still beautiful


i made a set of photos a few years ago on flickr
if you want to go
and read some stories and memories of my Mom
she really was a character!

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